The Best Rugged Cases for the Galaxy S10e

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Samsung’s Galaxy S10e is the more affordable flagship from the company this year. The Galaxy S10e comes with all the best specifications for 2019 including the new Snapdragon 855 chipset or the Exynos 9820 process from Samsung.
The has a 5.9-inch Dynamic AMOLED display which is the best-in-class and has Gorilla Glass 5 at the front and back which does offer decent scratch and minor drop protection by itself; however, glass is glass and glass breaks.
This is why there are a ton of rugged cases available for the Galaxy S10e, all of which claim to be the most durable; however, to save you from the trouble of having to sort through a bunch of rugged cases, we’ve curated a list of the best rugged cases for the Galaxy S10e.
So without much further ado, let’s check out some of the absolute best rugged cases currently available for the Samsung Galaxy S10e.
Best rugged cases

Thursday January 01, 1970

If you’re looking for the best overall protection for your Galaxy S10e, then look no further than this fantastic case from OtterBox. The DEFENDER SERIES case for the Galaxy S10e offers great protection from everyday dings and drops.
The case is made with a solid inner shell and a soft outer cover which helps to absorb any impact in case of an accidental drop. This cool case also has port covers as well to prevent dirt and lint from lodging in the device’s ports.
Buy on Amazon: $59.95 | Buy on OtterBox: $49.95
Samsung Rugged Protective Cover

Thursday January 01, 1970

Here’s a great rugged case from Samsung itself. The case is quite stylish and has a unique look to it. More importantly, Samsung’s rugged case is also tested using U.S MIL-STD-810G METHOD 516.6 procedure. In short, that means the case is pretty tough and would keep your device protected.
Samsung’s rugged case also has two built-in kickstands which let you place the device in either of the four optimal viewing angles. The case is also isn’t too chunky like some other rugged cases in the market.
Buy on Amazon: $34.99 | Buy on Samsung: $34.99
Spigen Rugged Armor Case

Thursday January 01, 1970

If you’re looking for a great affordable rugged case for your Galaxy S10e, then this case from Spigen is the one to go for. The case has a fairly nice design and offers good drop protection and everyday protection from bumps and scratches. This case is also compatible with wireless charging and PowerShare.
Spigens Rugged Armor Case uses Air Cushion Technology to help absorb most of the impact from a drop which helps keep the device absolutely untouched. The case also has tactile buttons which offer a way better feel when using the buttons on the device that most other cases.
Buy on Amazon: $10.99 | Buy on Spigen: $19.99
RhinoShield SolidSuit Carbon Finish

RhinoShield is well known for its amazing rugged cases for smartphones. The SolidSuit Carbon finish case for the Galaxy S10e is a great affordable rugged case that can protect your S10e from drops as high as 11 feet.
The case does not add much bulk to the device and provides a great matte surface to grip on. The carbon fiber finish does not disruput the wireless charging capabilities and the ports and buttons are easily accessible as well.
Buy on Amazon: $34.99
Mous Origins Case

If you’re looking for a great premium and minimal rugged case, then look no further than the Origins case from Mous for the Galaxy S10e. The case is available in 4 different real material finishes; Carbon Fiber, Bamboo, Leather, and Walnut.
Each of the finishes offers a premium in-hand feel although the Leather finish and Bamboo finish would cost $10 extra. The Mous Origins Case protects your device from drops as high as 6 feet since the AiroShock technology used in the cases absorbs most of the impact in case the device falls accidentally.
Buy on Mous: $49.99
UAG Monarch Case

This epic rugged case from UAG looks and feels like an absolute beast and offers incredible protection for the Galaxy S10e. The case is made with top grain leather and metal hardware which makes it offer a premium in-hand feel.
UAG’s case has a soft impact-resistant core and a honeycomb traction grip which offers a great surface to grip on while using the device to ensure that your shiny new S10e does not slip out from your hands. The case meets 2X military drop-test standards (MIL STD 810G 516.6) which is absolutely insane.
Buy on Amazon: $55.33 | Buy on UAG: $59.95
SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro Series

If you’re looking for the absolute best protection any case can offer for the Galaxy S10e, then look no further than this case from SUPCASE. The case won’t break your bank and more importantly, it would prevent your S10e from dents and drops. The case has a built-in kickstand as well.
SUPCASE’s ultra-rugged case is drop tested from a whopping 20 feet which is as extreme as it gets. The case also comes with a built-in screen protector and since the Galaxy S10e does not have an in-display fingerprint scanner, you there’s no reason to worry about having to pick up a specialized tempered glass for your device.
Buy on Amazon: $19.99 | Buy on SUPCASE: $28.00

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