OpenIV 3.1

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Once again we will try to make OpenIV
releases more frequently, hopefully it will help us to speed up development
process and as result you will get new features faster. To start our new
release cycle today we releasing OpenIV 3.1 a minor but necessary update.
Please, take a look:

Thursday January 01, 1970

What’s new in OpenIV 3.1

Thursday January 01, 1970

Grand Theft Auto V

Thursday January 01, 1970

We added support for highly
requested PSO file – pedpersonality.ymt. As always with OpenIV this is means,
you have all the names and string values in file. You can edit pedpersonality.ymt
in inbuilt OpenIV Text Editor or export and import it as META/XML. The “Title Update”
notification for outdated update.rpf in “mods” folder now also shown
in read only mode. In previous versions, it was shown only in edit mode and some
people might miss it because they do not have edit mode enabled by default.From now on, text based .dat
files, .gxt2 files and .nametable files will be opened in OpenIV Text Editor.We added support for new
version of carcols.ymt from Arena Wars update.We added support for new
shaders in openFormats for GTA V models from Arena Wars update.We added new names for audio
tracks from Arena Wars update.We added new names for objects
and models from Arena Wars game.

XML Syntax validation in OpenIV Text Editor

We added new useful feature into OpenIV
Text Editor – XML Syntax validation. This feature was originally planned for
text editor from very beginning but was postponed due to time limitations. When
you open XML, META or PSO file in OpenIV Text Editor you will see new XML
button on the Home ribbon tab:

When you click on it, OpenIV will validate
XML syntax of your file and let you know if you have any errors or not:

In addition, when you try to save file
OpenIV will automatically validate XML syntax for you. OpenIV will not allow
you to save PSO file with invalid XML syntax:

However, for basic XML files you will
decide whatever you want to save file with errors or not:

General changes, improvements, and fixes

We fixed critical issue where
OpenIV was not able to import big number of openFormats files due to memory
leak.We fixed critical issue where some
audio files become completely silent in the game after importing from
openFormats.We fixed an issue resulting in
OpenIV crash while importing openFormats with specific DDS files.We added new option to always
open extended context menu in the main window.Copy name and Copy path
features in context menu will now work with multiple selected items.We added additional information
in the error messages when OpenIV is unable to edit archive.We added additional information
into corrupted archive error to try to determine what causes the corruption.We added combined size of
selected files into main window status bar.When you double click on OIV
Package inside OpenIV, it will open it in Package Installer.We added option to show “Confirm
installation dialog” in Package Installer. This option enabled by default.We added additional information
into Package Installer log when it is unable to edit archives.We fixed an issue resulting in
OpenIV crash if Package Installer was unable to create log file.We fixed an issue resulting in broken
scroll bars in Package Installer.We fixed an issue where OpenIV
global search did not worked properly while game was running.We improved performance of
global search it now should be much faster in most cases.We fixed an issue where OpenIV
Texture Editor did not show error message if it was not able to load DDS file.We added new option to show
track name hash into OpenIV Audio player.

You can find change log for this version on our bug-tracker here.

UI Localization

We have an instruction how to translate OpenIV into your own language and we are calling for you to do so. You can find the localization guide on GitHub. As for existing localizations, you can find list of differences between 3.0 and 3.1 here.

Special thanks to our supporters

We want to say thank you to all our
supporters on Patreon and other platforms.

This release is supported by:


Thank you.

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If you already have OpenIV, it will ask you
for update next time you run it. If you still do not have OpenIV, you can use
the link below to download it right now.